Simple mosquito control techniques for your home

Even small amounts of standing water can lead to big probelms enabling mosquitos to breed and mulitply rapidly. 


1. Eliminate standing water. Mosquito larva breed in standing water.               Common culprits include unused buckets, clogged gutters, old tires,             tarps, flower pot saucers...etc.


2. Replace water in bird baths, kiddy pools, animal troughs/bowls,

    decorative fountains...etc. at least once a week.


3. Keep swimming pools treated and properly circulating.


4. Keep grass and vegetation cut back. Adult mosquitoes seek shelter in tall      grass, weeds and brush.


Click here for a link to the EPA Mosquito Control Educational Resource page


Standing Water on Public Property creating a nuisance? 

Report standing water on public property to Warren County Combined Health District for testing.

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