Wayne Township, Warren County, Ohio
Wayne Township, Warren County, Ohio

Public Hearing:
Tuesday, September 19th at 7:30 pm

What is the difference between the Future Land Use Map and the Zoning Map?

Both depict how land can be used and developed over time, using a set of “designations” and “zones” (shown as colors on the maps). Both show broad categories of uses, such as residential, mixed use, recreational and industrial. 

The Future Land Use Map is about the future…
The Future Land Use Map depicts a long-term vision of how and where the Township will grow and change over the next 15 years to accommodate expected population and job growth.

The Zoning Map is about what is allowed today…
Decisions about Future Land Use Map designations directly guide subsequent decisions about zoning. The Township's Zoning Map tells us how land can be used and what can be built on any given property today. Zones are more specific than the Future Land Use Map designations and come with a set of rules (included in the Township Zoning Code) that clarify what uses are allowed (e.g., residences, businesses, manufacturing), and how buildings may be developed or changed (e.g., maximum heights and required setbacks from property lines).

The Future Land Use Map and the Zoning Map are like a leader and a follower. The FLUM is the leading map and the zone map is the following map. The zone map can “catch up” to the plan map, but it can’t go past it.

The Future Land Use map is a long-range map saying what will be allowed 15 years from now, while the zone map says what is allowed now. For most properties in the Township, what is allowed now and what will be allowed 15 years from now are essentially the same.

What changes are being considered and why?

The Wayne Township Zoing Code recently underwent an extensive update. As such, much of what is permissive on a property with recreational zoning is not necessarily what would be appropriate for a residential area. Recreational zoning is more public in nature than it was under the former zoning standards. Additionally, to use a property with recreational zoning to build a single family home on it, would requiire a "Conditional Use"  public hearing in front of the Board of Zoning Appeals. 

Wayne Township feels that some of these properties with a recreational designation on the Future Land Use Map or FLUM are better suited to remain residential and/or rural residential now and into the future.

Conversely, we have properties in the northeastern portions of the Township that have remained residential on the FLUM, however they are part of the Caear Creek State Park. These properties are surely appropriate to be earmarked for recretaional use now and into the future. 

The Former Holly HIlls Golf Course,  was home to a golf course that opened its doors in the 1960s. As such, in 2013, when the FLUM was first laid out, the property was not thoroughly evaluated as anything other than such. Unfortunately, the golf course closed its doors later the same year.

The Comprehensive Plan acknowledges a concentration of small businesses along SR 42 in the southwestern portion of the Township. The property is immediately opposite the Red Stewart Air Field and a planned skydiving facility. Much of the support facilities and/or functions of the golf course are inherently commercial in nature as stand-alone activities (i.e. maintenance facility and clubhouse/bar & grill). 

The Township is proposing that the vast majority of the large property be earmarked for rural residential use--thus making it possible to rezone the property-- with small portions of potential commerically zoned areas near SR 42 where the maintenance facility and club house are situated. 

And finally, in 2008, two properties off Pekin Rd. were rezoned from B-1 to R-1. These properties are represented on the FLUM as “Public” for their proximity to the Red Stewart Airfield. While they had been used for such purposes in the past, the properties are now solidly Rural Residential/Agricultural and would be more compatible to the surrounding areas off of Pekin Rd.  

Wayne Township Future Land Use Map
Adobe Acrobat document [1.9 MB]


What Changes are Being Considered on September 19th?
Proposed Amendment  Address Propoerty Owner Acreage
From Recreational to Agricultural/Rural Residential 4166 Township Line Rd Mary A. Chappelear



From Recreational to Suburban Residential 

9306 Kenrick Rd. 


8166 Township Lind Rd. 

Electrum Properties LLC


Eugene H. Jestice





From Public/Semi-Public to Agricultural/Rural Residential 

3761 Pekin Rd. 


Undressed (behind 3761 Pekin Rd)

Christopher C. Palmer


James M. Micelli




From Agricultural/Rural Residential to Recreational 

4150 Clarksville Rd. 


Roxanna-New Burlington Rd. 


United States of America (Caesar Creek)






From Recreational to Mixed Use Commercial/Industrial and Agricultural/Rural Residential 4966 N. Route 42 HHGC Holding Inc. 226.62
Wayne Twp zoning Map 4.7.2017.pdf
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2017 Open Meeting Schedule
2017 meeting calendar.pdf
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Wednesday, August 23


Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District

Annual Meeting and Election 

Stories and Sounds of Bluegrass
Jake Speed & The Freddies



May 26 (9:00 am)

Special Trustee's Meeting

Purpose: Work Session to review fire station design and preliminary pricing. No other items will be discussed.


June 3 (9-2:00 pm)

Parade (12:00 pm)

17th Annual Corwin Tractor Show

Bring your tractor and join, or just come to see a wide variety of antique tractors while enjoying great food!


April 27 (3:00 pm)

The Wayne Township Board of Trustees will hold a special Public Meeting on Thursday, April 27 at 3:00 pm to consult with legal counsel. 


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